Jon Daniel is an award-winning creative of African Caribbean heritage.

Classically trained as a graphic designer, Jon has worked primarily as an art director for many of London’s leading advertising agencies, in a career spanning over twenty years.
Creating effective and award-winning campaigns for clients including IBM, Nestle Rowntree, NHS Careers, Drink Drive, Inland Revenue, The ICA, Philips and Virgin Direct…
He has co-founded and served as Executive Creative Director with two creative companies. Headland, a creative partnership. And ebb&flow®, a boutique branding company who produced work for a diverse range of corporate, cultural and governmental clients.
It is this rare wealth of experience that enables Jon to deliver strong strategic and creative brand ideas, vision and direction across all and any media platforms and environments.
Currently, Jon is working both independently and with partners on a variety of commissioned and self-initiated branding, design and cultural projects.
Based in London, he is married with two children.


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  1. kissmyblackads,

    Very cool stuff here.

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