White Supremacist Nightmare

Black Panther Party Logo designed by Emory Douglas


They were BLACK.
They were LOUD.
They were PROUD.

They were BOLD.
They were COOL.
They were BEAUTIFUL.

They had BRAINS.
They had BRAWN.
They had HEART.

They had GRIT.
They had GUTS.
They had GUNS.

Of course they were SCARY.

Not because they were RADICALISED.
Not because they were POLITICISED.
But because they were ORGANISED.

Because they CAME.
Because they CONFRONTED.
Because they CARED.

They were a living nightmare, to haunt
white racist supremacists everywhere.

And a revolutionary cause for celebration
for everyone else.

Founded in late October of 1966 they were
the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.
All Power to the People!


© Jon Daniel

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